Sunday, November 25, 2007

ACT-BACK Data Security and Back-up


Data back-up is one of the most important parts of mantaining your Point of Sale System. If you should loose your POS data files due to corrupted system, hard drive failutre, employee abuse or mistake, natural or other diaster, and even theft (One of our customers had their entire POS system stolen during a breakin), how would you start over?
If it's hardware, that can easily be replaced. Yes, the expense is something else. Nobody wants to buy new hardware if it can be avoided. But your data files which could include your inventory, customer files, accounting history, employee payroll and schedules and much more are irreplaceable.
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Today more and more companies are turning to Internet back-up solutions which feature set and forget options. Once the initial files have been tagged for back-up, the system becomes seamless and requires little or no user intervention. All data is encryted, compressed and piped over the internet to secure servers. After the initial back-up is completed, only those files which have been changed need to be sent during future back-up sessions. Back-up is most commonly accomplished during the early morning hours before the business is open.
Many internet back-up programs only send the information outside. They require that if you want to create a Local back-up you must also set-up a seperate program on your computers to back-up in house.
ACT-BACK allows you to create a LOCAL copy of the back-up files and simaltaiously send an encrypted, compressed copy to our servers. So you get the benefit of DUAL Back-up without the hassel or cost of having to run two seperate back-up programs. This alows you to keep a copy on site and a seperate copy off-site in a secure location.

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