Monday, March 03, 2008


WOW! Dedicated Social Sites just for Food Professionals and Food Lovers!

Okay, most people know about YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and the others. Now we have dedicated social sites for the food service industry. We recently came across two new sites that we want to share with you, which could help you grow your profits, assist you in communicating with your patrons or simply provide you with information that you won't find anywhere else.

First we have 'BITE CLUB'. I have to admit that when I first heard about this site, I thought it had something to do with vampires, or something equally strange. It is in fact however a social website for individuals, companies, owners and patrons of the the food service industry. The easiest way to describe it is in their own words.
"BiteClub is the destination for the chef, bartender, food server, cook, busser, hostess, culinary student, culinary school, restaurant, lounge, bar and club to share information, recipes, cocktails, cooking tips, war stories, customer interactions and advice on everything from being a dishwasher to starting a restaurant.
Create your own food blog or start a group about peanut butter. Post restaurant job listings for free or share tips on design. Talk about restaurant marketing or discover a new restaurant bar concept.Eat where the chefs eat. Drink where the bartenders drink. Connect with people who are in the know."

The Second site is "FohBoh" . The tag line is "The Restaurant Network;. Yes, we were confused by this name also but thought we would check it out. Actually we were surprised by the information and tools available here. Again, we take the descriptions directly from their own mouth.
"FohBoh is about connection, communication and commerce. We facilitate and enable this to occur exclusively for employees, owners, operators, vendors, suppliers and service providers of the restaurant and hospitality industries worldwide.Unlike other consumer or customer-centric social networks, we are for insiders. We are the restaurant industry social network and business exchange and we are passionate about our community.Who joins FohBoh? FohBoh is for Real Estate developers and brokers, architects, designers, lawyers, accountants, food and beverage vendors, wineries and boutique produce growers, bakers, chefs, cooks, managers, consultants, concept developers, investors, lenders, owners, franchisees, franchisers, operators, food servers, bartenders, cooks, CEO' get the picture."

So, if you're in the industry you may want to join these two sites. After all Networking is what the internet is all about!