Monday, October 20, 2008


Ready for a New Day?

We are never sure how many folks actually read these ramblings, although we get a report on the number of 'opens' that give us enough indication that many of you at least open the email. So we continue to send them and hopefully you will find some tidbit of information in here to use.

This isn't abut politics, but we all know that Change is Coming - it doesn't matter who brings it, but it will affect all of us. Are you Changing? What have you done differently in the past few months to stay ahead of the curve? Or are you?

Of course we sell POS systems and our desire is that every one of you will have a POS system in your business. But that is not the only reason I fill in this space each month. We want you to grow, thrive and prosper. You went into business for yourself so that you could be your own boss and believed that you had an idea that was different enough to sustain a business. So don't give up, easily.

Market the hell out of your business. Spend money and TIME on Direct Mail, Email, Website, Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs and all of the new FREE Social Sites that are out there. Keep your name in front of your current and future customers.

Credit is getting tight, but not non-existent. If you sell a product that is 'high dollar' do you have leasing and finance partnerships in place for customers? Have you heard about some of the new Payment Options? E-LAYAWAY allows customers to purchase your products on-line and make monthly payments that same as in a traditional brick and mortar store. Another option is BILL ME LATER.

How much money do you have sitting on the shelves in 'unsold inventory' or outdated products? Sales are a fast and easy way to generate quick cash. Even if you sell the items from last years catalogue at cost, you are still turning that money around. What does it cost you to have outdated products sitting on the shelf day after day?

One of our customers ran a 'FLOOD SALE' a couple years back and were amazed at the response it generated. They talked about making it an annual event, but other things came up and well - that inventory they could have sold is still sitting on the shelves. (Sorry guys)

Here in New England 'Yard Sales' are huge and in other parts of the country it's FLEA MARKETS, Trade Off's, BARTER HALLS etc. The point is that there are many places to get the word out about your offerings. You don't have to give it away, but make it special.

For Restaurants and Food Service - offer a Food Tasting! Keep your menu fresh and exciting. Of course there is something to be said for the standard fare. But adding items and specials has never hurt a restaurant that I know of personally. Look what McDonalds is trying to do with their new McCafe line of drinks.

If you have special tricks that you have employed to keep the customers coming let us know so we can share them with others. We are all in this together and the majority of our customers are SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Just Like You!

I really hope that you are all around with us to celebrate the new day when it arrives. Keep you head up and pockets full