Thursday, December 04, 2008

Our Economic Incentive Program for YOU!

It is not too late to save money on your new Point of Sale system by acting now!

Don't just think about being competitive, ACT

We know that right now businesses are unsure on which way to turn with the current economic situation. We also know that one of the best ways to control your expenses and increase business is with a Point of Sale system. We don't just say that because we sell them, we say it because the industry has proven this as a fact with multiple studies on Return on Investment. So we have come up with a special 3% Credit Offer that may give you an added incentive to purchase that POS system sooner rather than later.

- How will you be starting 2009? Still using the old calculator and paper? A Royal Cash Register from 1989?
- We want to help you get the technology you need at a price and payments you can afford today. We have payment schedules that allow you to take 6 months to pay, NO INTEREST! Or you can Finance your system for 2, 3 or possibly even 4 years (depending upon total purchase cost).

So how can we convince that now is the time to ACT? The truth is that a POS system is not an expense, but an investment which could SAVE YOUR BUSINESS! We have several Free White Papers that will show you how a POS system can actually earn you more customers and sales. In addition, check out the offer below.

In addition to our payment and financing options we are offering the following Economic Incentive to get started with your New POS system today!

Right now through the end of the year, we are offering a special limited offer to new customers only. Purchase a complete POS system and receive a 3% Credit toward any future purchase. This could be used for supplies, additional hardware or even service. Get the best price, plus an additional 3% Credit for the future!

So What are you waiting for now?
Save 3%

Receive a 3% credit toward any future
purchase of hardware, software, supplies or
service when you purchase a complete POS system
before December 31st, 2009 Call now to take
advantage of this Deal!

Offer Expires: Dec. 31,
2009 Please mention Code 'Save3' when