Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Are Kids Recession Proof?

Late last night I had a conversation with one of our long term customers and came away with some interesting observations.

Are businesses that cater to children more recession proof than other types of businesses? It would seem that way given our client list and the businesses that are maintaining or even growing their sales.

This started with a conversation with one of the new owners of a Birthday Party store called 'Kangazoom'. They have been in business for about 3-4 years now and recently underwent a change in ownership. Their sales are up year over year and recently they finalized their Franchise offerings. Their core customers are parents looking for a low cost, but entertaining and safe party facility.

Another one of our customers is 'Plaster Fun Time', a chain of childrens plaster and painting locations. Kids choose their mold, create the character and paint them however they want. Good fun, inexpensive and allows a little mess along the way. They currently have 8 locations and each one is doing great in this economy. (Just in - they are opening #9 next month. Must be something in their business. )
A 3rd customer of ours, Extra Innings Indoor Baseball batting franchise is holding their own and getting ready for one of the busiest seasons they have had yet. Prices are reasonable and sales are up.
So I guess my question would be how do you market to the families with kids and is your business one that perhaps could use a slight rework to market to kids?

Let us know your thoughts and we can share them with others that could benefit.