Thursday, January 23, 2014

ACT-POS Mobility has Something for Everyone!

  Everyone talks about the cloud, but what is it really and how will it affect you?  CLOUD is a fancy word for 'Remote' meaning that the application or process that you are using is loaded 'remotely on a Server somewhere in the world.  Until they actually learn how to make Servers float in the air and produce rain or snow - it's just a pretty picture.  Server 'Farms' are located all around the world with some companies operating several, some for their own internal use and others for outside use.  Microsoft is a great example of this type of use.  The software that resides on these Servers is licensed for use to others by paying a monthly subscription.  The low price of Monthly subscriptions versus buying a major software package outright, can be tremendous for a small business.
   Cloud based programs cover the entire spectrum of needs today in many offices.  Everything from Office 365 from Microsoft to Hosted Digital Signage messaging,  Remote Back-up,  Accounting software and too many to mention here.
  BUT, if you are in the market for any type of software or back-up, contact us first with your needs and chances are that we have a low cost solution.